Entry #15

National Gold Medal

2011-04-12 19:40:11 by Theo-art

Hello all!

My last news post has been decaying on my profile for the last two years, I finally blew it up with dynamite.

Anyways, down to business -- I won an award! Not so long ago one of my paintings was entered in the annual Scholastic Art & Writing Awards along with 185,000 other submissions and went onto regional judging -- where I and 10,000 others across the nation won Gold Keys. These went on to national judging, and 1,500 teens won silver and gold medals for their pieces. I received a gold medal for my painting 'Blind Eyes Turned' and will be flying to New York City in a month to accept my award at Carnegie Hall.

I was curious if any other newgrounders had submitted or even won an award in this competition? With the addition of the animation and flash game categories being included in the Art & Writing Awards, I highly encourage you to submit your work and see where it goes next year.

P.S. This is a work in progress, my second painting (ever) in photoshop that I'd really like some feedback on, thanks!


National Gold Medal


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2011-04-13 00:44:29


It's a zombie. It' s a fucking zombie.


2011-04-17 20:13:44

good art!


2011-04-17 23:03:56

im so proud of you, if u remember me, this painting its too real.


2011-04-20 12:53:32

Amazing, as always. <3 I love all your work. No matter what *others* might have to say.
You are truly inspirational, and since I'm going in to A level art now, it's quite amazing to have such artwork hanging around NewGrounds still.
Keep posting, I'm constantly waiting to see more.


2011-05-03 07:44:06

Dude you look like me but older :P just for the hair xD


2011-11-19 10:55:56

Must become as good as you, you also-curly-headed fuck