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National Gold Medal

2011-04-12 19:40:11 by Theo-art

Hello all!

My last news post has been decaying on my profile for the last two years, I finally blew it up with dynamite.

Anyways, down to business -- I won an award! Not so long ago one of my paintings was entered in the annual Scholastic Art & Writing Awards along with 185,000 other submissions and went onto regional judging -- where I and 10,000 others across the nation won Gold Keys. These went on to national judging, and 1,500 teens won silver and gold medals for their pieces. I received a gold medal for my painting 'Blind Eyes Turned' and will be flying to New York City in a month to accept my award at Carnegie Hall.

I was curious if any other newgrounders had submitted or even won an award in this competition? With the addition of the animation and flash game categories being included in the Art & Writing Awards, I highly encourage you to submit your work and see where it goes next year.

P.S. This is a work in progress, my second painting (ever) in photoshop that I'd really like some feedback on, thanks!

National Gold Medal

I got a car today

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Poder de Tres! (Need Programmer)

2009-05-14 18:20:23 by Theo-art

Hello, hello ladies and gentlebugs!

Upon discovering the new Power of Three wha-cha-ma-call-it, my partner in grime and I felt we should, at the very least, make an attempt at making Aura-Core's first game! We're both members of Aura-core, I myself am an artist/animator with no game making experience under my belt, while Ngawang aKa Winterwind-ns is a musician who's had his music featured in several games.

Now, when it comes to 'programming', the most either of us can do is a mere button, and a pretty half-assed one at that. What we need is a Programmer with some experience and dediciation for a project, and a willingness to get to know us (yeah this is pretty much an eHarmony ad). We haven't really discussed much as far as a central 'Theme of 3' goes, but I'm sure once we find you, we'd be more than willing to come up with one!

Just give us a shout right here and we'll take a look at some of your games and see if we like them, and likewise you should check out Ngawang's music and my art/animations to see if you're interested in working with us!

P.S We're thinking on a platformer with mild physics, so if you can do that sort of programming, more power to you!

P.S. I mentioned 'Aura-Core' earlier, some may know us and some may not, but we're a small community of artists focused on making 'music-labs'. Aura-core is generally lacking in programmers, and if you work with us, we'd be more than happy to let you be part of the team!

Some of Aura-Core's work:
(Things I was in)
Love At First Sight
In My Arms
NGAWANG DAY (lol not srs)
(Things I wasn't in)
ACML I: Speed of Sound
ACML II: Bittersweet Symphony

Poder de Tres! (Need Programmer)

Tell Me Newgrounds..(2)

2009-03-26 17:57:26 by Theo-art

Would you rather :
Your knees shot out OR your elbows shot out?

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Tell me Newgrounds...

2009-03-05 23:22:27 by Theo-art

All your hair ripped out at once or All your nails ripped out individually?

What do you cut waves with?

2009-02-15 19:54:05 by Theo-art

A sea-saw!

Pic unrelated - Valentine's day collab was a success!

...and Vinnie's part was great, but not THAT great. :(

*Edit - By the way people, we have no obligation to include homosexual relationships in a collab. For those who mentioned it, we're not being intolerant, try to remember that this is Newgrounds. Consider the level of maturity when it comes to handling homosexuality on THIS site.

What do you cut waves with?

What's long, brown, and sticky?

2009-01-27 22:58:38 by Theo-art

A stick!

What's long, brown, and sticky?

forgive me

2008-12-11 17:02:31 by Theo-art

To those who think I'm being over-sensitive, and what I did to "iPhone shuffle" was wrong, it's all good. I'll admit I've been a bit edgy, and I wholesomely apologize to any overreactions. What I said on iPhone Shuffle might have come off as rude, and it was in a sense, but I did patch thinks up with st1k and things are all good, if not better. I can only speak for myself when I say some of the things I've said or remarked to others was said out of panic that my near and dear creation wasn't succeeding, and to any offense that was taken, I'm sorry.

I hope you can forgive me, personally, and now that everything has been said and done, expect and look forward to our next production (and I promise I'll be better this time). ;)



2008-12-07 22:50:27 by Theo-art

I bet you all love how we've totally spammed the front page, it's all good. SO yeah, if you knew what we went through to get this out, you'd respect it a whole lot more. The score has been fluctuating more then the bloody DOW, and it's killin me guys. But really, Bliss has more heart and soul put into it than anything I've(we've) ever done. Today was like sending your kid off to kindergarten and just hoping his teacher doesn't rape him.


Also, I really hate to be a prick in the ass but, 4.14? really guys? I'm not being trying to be a cocky ass right now, even I know this is messed up. Whatever the reason be, it's getting to us, all of us.


MGS: Disc1

2008-07-13 12:30:15 by Theo-art

As you all may know, the recent MGS: Disc1 was released, and has been receiving a lot of shit from very sensitive homophobes. Let's push away the fact that I was in it, or the fact mine was a gay joke, for the sake of argument mine was total shit. Now, I'm not just being a moody bitch with his panties up his ass, I really don't get what all the frustration is about.

"Too many cock jokes, not funny, unoriginal, toooo many dicks, sex isn't the only humor, grow up, blah...friggity...blah..." is the most common message the collab has been getting, but I'd say about half of it is total shit. The collab is clearly labeled with "ADULT CONTENT", so what's so different about opening up the MGS collab and seeing dicks, then opening up some hentai game (which you all love so much), and seeing full on hard core dick rapage. To be fair, many were expecting a wholesome collection of MGS parodies that you could chuckle at, and aside from the three or four that had those godforsaken genitals, that's exactly what you got. Going into a submission labeled with adult content and being mad about it, is no different then going into one labeled "EVERYONE" and saying there wasn't enough violence/booty bounce.

I'm so pent up right now, I just can't get why THREE measly cock jokes is so bad in comparison to Blamformers which has atleast eight plus.

Blamformers was just as epic and you guys had no fucking problem with it.

I might be overreacting. You do have the right to your own opinion, so I really shouldn't be complaining, but it was sooo hard not to. ;D

MGS: Disc1